Just wanted to write to say how amazing the young men were at Ipswich Bounce last Sunday (7th July). I brought my 2 foster children with me who can find these environments quite tricky and daunting - and the young men (employees) were so much fun, so giving, and manged the children beautifully. I have NEVER experienced seeing people give so much while at work. PLEASE do thank them. The other amazing thing was that it really was ALL of the lads that were on the park floor. Not any individual. THANKS SO MUCH. You gave my 2 boys an unforgettable time 1, because they loved the bouncing but also 2. because you made them feel special.

Claire B, 10th July 2019, Bounce Ipswich - 5* Tripadvisor review

Great as usual. Was there with my boy who was there for the first time and loved it. Very friendly staff. Bought plush toy for my boy. Really good time. See you soon... Btw.... what is the kangaroo's name?.... asked twice and forgot again😂. Thanks.

Jarek P, 11th September 2019, Bounce Peterborough - 5* Google review

Great place for hyperactive kids. Parents can have fun too as there is a lot to do around.

Joanna Lapienko, 15th July 2019, Bounce Milton Keynes - 5* Google review

Went here as a couple of adults and had a great time, messed about on the trampolines, did a load of flips onto the air mat, had a couple of gladiator fights on the beam, shot a couple of hoops, played a couple of games of the bash button game. All in all, incredible value for money. They’re even offering unlimited for 1 month for £19.99; if you live nearby, that’s an absolute no brainer for the kids over summer.

Andrew Dawson, 15th August 2019, Bounce Ipswich - 5* google review

I used to love trampolining as I was growing up, so being able to do it on a bigger scale and take my children as well was really cool. The Marshall's are really helpful and always make sure safety is top priority with fun a close second. Never been before but will be back in the near future.

Kobasko, 13th June 2019, Bounce Peterborough - 5* Google review

Perfect venue to tire out energetic kids

Jonathon Allen, 15th August 2019, Bounce Milton Keynes - 5* Google review

My 7year Grandaughter had a party here with some friends and have to say how impressed I was with the facility. The staff were fantastic, friendly and helpful in every way from start to finish highly recommended

Shelley1303, 30th June 2019, Bounce Ipswich - 5* Tripadvisor review

Absolutely fantastic! So much fun!! For all ages, i took my daughters aged 12 and 23, I'm 38. Played basketball, jumped in a foam pit and of course bounced! You can access the cafe so if you need a drink or snack totally possible. The staff are lovely, friendly and willing to answer questions/help

Jenny Leiper, 29th May 2019, Bounce Milton Keynes - 5* Google review

Great prices, good suitable safety rules. When my daughter hurt her ankle one of the young male staff came to her aid straight away. So much to do there.

Holly Cheevers, 29th May 2019, Bounce Peterborough - 5* Google review

Great place to kill a few hours kid love it and It gives them plenty of exercise, the staff there are very friendly and the food is not bad either prices are as you would expect but the drinks are reasonably priced.

Kevin Horler, 26th May 2019, Bounce Ipswich - 5* Google review

Fantastic staff they are always attentive and interact with my grandchildren. Great value for money non jumper fee charged and you get the money back with a free voucher for the cafe . Visited many times and will continue to do so.

Elizabeth Black, 2nd March 2019, Bounce Milton Keynes - 5* Google review

We had our son's 7th birthday party at Bounce and it was a great time. The staff were friendly and attentive, and they really went out of their way to make sure it was a great day. Hats off to Callum in the booking department, and Aiden, who was our party host. We will definitely have another party at Bounce, and recommend it to all of our friends.

JStrange77, 12th March 2019, Bounce Peterborough - 5* Google review

Went here with 6kids today ranging from 4 up to 16 and they all had a brill time. The staff were so friendly and one of the bouncer guys was playing dodge ball with My 4 year old Son and letting the ball hit him and dramatically falling down which had my son in fits of giggles. He was also playing with the older boys and he was brill with them also. We also noticed that they had a poster that said term time 2 hours for the price of 1, so we mentioned it to the guy on the front desk who got his manager ( as we had payed for two hour sessions and paid full price ) and the manager refunded the difference. They also have loyalty cards which after only 4 jumps you get one free. Very happy customers, would definitely recommend to kids and adults of all ages

Samantha Flynn, 3rd May 2018, Bounce Milton Keynes - 5*

Had been wanted to try this out for a long time and having just had my birthday (of being 21 again many times over) thought I’d give it a go with my older children . Bounce did not disappoint ! We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves . Started on the individual trampolines (not been on a trampoline since leaving school! ) I was quite happy to just bounce up and down but my kids were a little more adventurous than me and we’re moving around the trampolines with ease. Next we sudmerged ourselves.in the foam pit and had fun trying to get out of it again ( not my most graceful of moves !). My favourite was the big bouncy cushion that you land in after bouncing off the trampoline which is not only good fun to do but funny trying to see your family get off it too. This is a Reasonably priced activity, great for adults as well as children. I thought that I would of had enough of bouncing after ten minutes but it went so quickly and very enjoyable I would of loved to be able stay on here longer .

Moorethan, 2nd March 2019, Bounce Ipswich - 5* Tripadvisor review

What a fab party!! Very impressed from start to finish! Shona was very organised, great with the kids and very helpful. The least stressful party I have ever had. The table decorations looked fab!! Thank you!

Angela Baker, 14th May 2018, Bounce Peterborough - 5*

My daughter and I went to bounce today, for a while there was just us and one other in there, the “bouncer” was utterly fantastic with both the children, helping them, showing them and making up teams for us. I haven’t been so impressed with customer service in a very long time. We had so much fun we have bought the “passes” and plan to go back tomorrow.

Vix Lumsden Maceachen, 23 April 2018, Bounce Ipswich - 5*

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